ASSET Alumni Association (AAA)

ASSET Alumni Association (AAA)

The ASSET Alumni Association was established to encourage the bursary recipients to ‘give back’ by supporting those are still in the system. It comprises the past and current recipients.

Alumni’s are encouraged to avail themselves in anyway that is possible where they can support the ongoing work that ASSET does both at HEI’s and in the learner development programme. All fields of study are welcome.

Mission of the AAA: To promote the interests of ASSET by strengthening the ties of goodwill and communication between ASSET, the Alumni and students, and by maintaining programmes to serve their needs.

Vision of the AAA: We aim to be a prominent, respected organisation whose members make meaningful contributions to ASSET, the lives of current students and each other.

Slogan of the AAA: ‘Equal education opportunities for all’

Values of the AAA: Initiative; Integrity; Innovation; Performance driven; Proactiveness.

Focus Areas

  • Education – assist with tutoring/ resource research and development/ running enrichment programmes / any exciting learning opportunity.
  • Empowerment – Life skills and Coaching etc/ Clubs
  • Career Focus – Mentoring/ organizing excursions / exposing learners to any relevant events etc.
  • Social Issues – support on the home front / counselling etc.
  • Action the VISION

Get Involved

We invite all our Alumni’s that share the above focus areas to avail themselves to be involved in the association or that have any ideas/experiences to expose and grow the youth.

This call goes to everyone that has received an ASSET bursary in the past.

For more information, please contact the current AAA Convenor, Ms Yolanda Benya, or, she would love to have you join her in this act of goodwill.