“This message is to say thank you to the board and staff of the Asset Bursary for sponsoring me during my 3-year study period at UWC. The allowances you gave me really helped a lot for books and also tertiary fees. The money you give really helps children from poor communities and I am so thankful that you chose me as one of the students you are helping out with allowances.”

– Dylan Hess

“This letter is to say thank you for everything over the past five years. My program was initially four years, however due to personal problems I started failing modules. I have persevered and was able to complete my degree over five years, meaning it took me and extra one year. Even though I was not doing that well during a period of time, Asset was understanding after hearing my issues. The director gave me some words of wisdom which ultimately, led me to not giving up. University can be a very stressful period during one’s life, especially if personal lives are not all rosy. However, from personal experience, I believe anyone can do it if they have the right support system, Asset offered this. They never chased me away or made me feel unworthy of their contribution, instead they listened and pushed me and made me believe I can do it. I admit, there was doubts, many of them. I started doubting my capabilities, my worth. I only had a few more modules to go, and that was my goal, I already came this far? I’ve only got a few more to go, and I did it.”

“All of this would not have been possible without you, the donors. My parents didn’t have any financing available to just send me to university, and having divorced parents made it all more challenging. After high school I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to attend university, but with you it was all possible, and five years later, I have completed my degree in Bcom. Thank you for everything, and thank you to Asset, for being nothing but kind and understanding. My contribution to this economy from now on, will not be mine alone, but yours as well. Any success I may achieve from now on, is your success as well.”

– Faaidah Mayet

“I would like to extend my gratitude towards ASSET for sponsoring me over my three-year undergrad period. Through your sponsorship, I was able to relax knowing that there were people who believed enough in me to risk investing in me. The opportunity that you have given me to be part of your family and to know that someone is holding me accountable towards bettering myself and gaining knowledge to help communities at the end of it all was intimidating at first but later grew to become a drive to better my academic stand. I am grateful towards ASSET for the opportunity of funding me and for allowing me to be one of the few chosen ones.”

“Thank you to the board of directors who are the ones willing to give back to the communities by sponsoring us and helping to find other sponsors to give back to us who needs a kick start. Thank you for believing in me to give me a push in my finances. Thank you to the board for choosing me and allowing me to receive funding from ASSET. Thank you to the staff at the front desk who was always willing to help and who always gave tips and made it easy. Thanks to the staff in general who was always friendly when coming to drop of results and documentation, you made it easier to handover results that was sometimes bad. Thank you, Asset, for the opportunity you have afforded me.”

“I am currently a coloured girl out of a community that is seen as poor who stands with a degree who can better her situation and the circumstance of others through the use of my degree in social science. Through your help I can give back continuing your legacy of going out and helping others in need. Thank you, ASSET for helping me make my dreams a reality. Thank you, ASSET for you investment.”

– Margo Bowers, UCT

“I would to take this opportunity and thank you for supporting me financial. The bursary was not about financial assistance only but whenever I feel like taking or being drained from the academic workload the door was always open. Through it all I manage to finish my Bcom Degree in financial Accounting and information system, even though it was not easy facing the academic challenges on the other hand its personal issues. For me dealing with everything made me strong and the university thought me to be patient and disciple. Having people like you who make things easy for us students not to stress about financial exclusion and having no resources to study, that was one of the things that I never had problem with.”

“Keep up the good work and support you been giving students. Sometimes I wanted to give up but I knew that there are people who are investing in my education who would be very disappointed if I quit, failure made me strong and made me want to pursuer my dream. I still want to do my honors. One day I will be the donor and change other peoples live like mine was changed by you. I will forever be grateful for not giving up on me and for having hope that I will graduate. Finally, I will be graduating this year April at the University of the Western Cape.”

“Thank you so much, I thank all the Asset group funders, workers and everyone. Thank you for your kindness and love. May the year filled with love and prosper for you all.”

– Ndikholwe Xhontelo

“I would like to thank the members of Statpro for giving me the opportunity complete my B-Tech in graphic design, by granting me a bursary. Without your financial assistance I would not have been able to obtain my B-Tech degree in graphic design. I wish you and your team at Statpro all the best for the future. May you have a blessed Christmas and a successful 2020.”

– Shu-aib Sharief

“I was happy to learn that I was a recipient of the Asset bursary . I am writing to thank you for your generous , financial support towards my higher education. I am currently enrolled at the Cape Peninsula university of Technology doing my Diploma in Environmental Management. I have just finished my theory work  for the course and will commence with my in Service training next year from January then graduate in December. I will be doing my in service training at the Department of Environmental Affairs in Pretoria.  After completing my in service training I will be applying for the Advance Diploma in Environmental Management at CPUT.”

By awarding me this bursary, I was able to focus on my studies, put all my energy into doing well throughout the course without having to stress about my finances. In future I see myself growing in a company where I can continue to learn and contribute as much value as I can. your generosity is allowing my dreams and goals become a reality. I hope in turn one day I’ll be able to help other students to achieve their goals.”

– Azola Makapela (Ms)

“My name is Tobinceba Buswana , the asset beneficiary . I wrote to you this letter under the intentions of showing appreciation for the financial support you provided for the past three years which assisted me to pay for my fees, as the result now Im in possession of National Diploma, and that could never happened without your assistance.”

“I wish that you can continue with the great work you are doing, so that the upcoming students can graduate as well. South Africa is blessed to have people like you, who set the great example for unity and caring. I wish you and the bursary well in moving forward, God bless you.”

– Tobinceba Buswana