Bursary Programme

About the Bursary Programme

The Bursary Programme was established in 1972 under the auspices of the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) Western Cape Region. ASSET took over the programme in 2003 and the on-going generosity of donors has ensured that the bursary programme continues, and it has been supporting approximately 500 students annually.

Applications close on the 30th of September of each year and are accepted from the 1st of July.

Application forms can be downloaded from the website or can be physically collected from the ASSET Offices. Please take time  to carefully read the first page of the application form before you complete it.

Terms and conditions apply for selection, see stated selection criteria terms of reference.

Completely filled-in forms with ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS can be returned before the deadline:

  • PHYSICALLY to the ASSET offices.
  • Be emailed back to bursary@asset.org.za
  • Be uploaded on the website.


  • Postage may be used if applicants live on the outskirts of the Cape Town Metropolitan.
  • Returning students need to re-apply each year to be considered for a renewal of a bursary. Terms and Conditions apply.

The Bursary Selection Committee meets once a year, mid-February. It comprises of an ASSET Board member who acts as Chair; two other board members that include the executive director; the bursary administrator and the financial aid representatives of the higher education institutions.

Bursary Policy

  • ASSET awards bursaries from the ASSET Educational Trust (AET) and from other individuals / trusts /organisations who wish to support students at tertiary institutions in the Western Cape.
  • Awards are made in line with ASSET policy unless the donor specifies other interests like type of support and area to be covered.  In such instances, ASSET will follow the wishes of the trustees of the funds entrusted to ASSET provided these do not conflict with the principles of merit of the ASSET Bursary Policy.
  • Bursary Awards are intended to provide financial assistance to students who are resident in the Western Cape and are deserving in terms of merit and need.
  • ASSET Bursaries are not intended to cover all costs, but to allow as many deserving students as possible to gain access into the tertiary institution, this we call “ getting the foot in the door”. It is therefore expected that the balance of costs should be secured by the students in the form of loans and/or other bursary awards.

For information on how to apply for a bursary click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ASSET bursary repayable?

No, however, the students are asked to join the ASSET Alumni Association and contribute towards the delivery of other programmes or assist in the office now and again. As well, Alumni’s are encouraged to donate towards the bursary scheme if they can, there is no set amount for this.

Do you support postgraduate studies?

Currently only BTech and PGCE. This is currently under review because of ‘Free Education’

Can someone with a first degree / diploma be supported for a second one?

No, only first qualifications are supported.

Can tuition awards be paid directly to students?

No, ASSET pays directly to the  HEI’s hence it is important that you supply your updated fee accounts to ASSET each term.

If I am studying my second year, can I still apply?

Yes, provided you have not lost any NSFAS free education grant in the past. All the undergrad years of study are eligible.