Criteria for Selection

Criteria for selection of ASSET Bursars (Terms of Reference)


Bursary awards will be given to South African citizens, who are resident in the Western Cape and are registered at a Higher Education Institution in the Western Cape, unless otherwise stipulated by a particular donor.

Bursars will be supported for the duration of their undergraduate studies on condition that they show good progress and they re-apply each year.

1. Household income considered

The means test is the most important criteria for selection and is adjusted according to inflation each year.

  • A total monthly income below R18 000 for a family with 2 children, this will increase by R2000 per child for up to four children   
  • Combined annual income that is one cent above R350 000 up to R600 000 (missing middle).

Priority is given to those in most financial need provided the merit criteria is met.

2. Social background:

Priority is given to candidates whose social background has impeded access to equal education especially those from rural areas and/or informal settlements.

3. Individual potential:

a) Assessment of the character of an applicant helps to determine the ability to succeed, therefore applicants are required to motivate their bursary applications in writing. 

b) the selection committee may use this information to assess the strength of character e.g. leadership potential and communication skills.

4. Educational background:

Candidates who have attended schools which are deemed to be ‘dysfunctional’ but have nevertheless, obtained a University entrance, will be given priority.

5. Academic potential:

Priority will be given to candidates whose results show above average ability in subjects relevant to their chosen course of study.

6. Saturday school (excellent attendance):

Priority is given to candidates who have excellent attendance and have shown commitment on the ASSET Learner Development Programme (Saturday School) and qualifying results at HEI’s.

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