Were you a bursar supported by ASSET ? We are  calling on all ex-students to make contact with ASSET and also reconnect with fellow students so that we can establish an ALUMNI !

Our  offices are still at No. 5 Long Street Mowbray.


A group of seven ex bursars from ASSET got together early in 2012 to discuss the feasibility of starting the ASSET Alumni. After a series of meetings conducted on numerous Saturday mornings, an interim Executive Committee was established.  Yes, it happened at last – the long awaited initiative for this amazing non-profit organisation that has changed lives of many from hopeless to success.

It was agreed to launch the Alumni in March 2013!

Our vision is to be a prominent, respected organisation whose members make meaningful contribution to ASSET, current students and to each other. Our mission is to promote the interests of ASSET by strengthening the ties of goodwill and communication between ASSET, the Alumni and students and by maintaining programs to serve their needs.

The alumni represents its interests by gathering a voice for it and facilitate communication. It aims to stand as a support structure to ASSET current students, both on LDP and tertiary, through mentorship, career guidance, counselling, life skills, internship, academic and financial assistances.

I therefore call all the post bursarsand those who are in their final year to join me in this adventurous initiative. All ASSET bursars who have attained a certificate, diploma or degree are eligible to join the alumnito make their positive contribution towards bettering the lives of the hopeless in education.‘Better education for all is our common gaol.’

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to ASSET for embracing this to happen and to the interim steering committee who has been driving this initiative to its destiny. I wish the alumni and ASSET a new year filled with success and adventurous ideas.

Yours in better education for all

Xolisa Tshongolo

Alumni Chairperson

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